What is a pin-up girl in Japan?

The word "pin-up girl" is not common in Japan. In Japan,

"pin-up girl" is called "gravure idol".

They are mainly active in photo books and movies. ..

Japanese and oriental females may look young when viewed by Westerners.

What do you call a pin-up movie in Japan?

In Japan, ”pin-up movie” is referred to as "image video".

The image video of Japan is a video work that shows the pin-up girl.

Unlike porn videos that are limited to those over the age of 18, they never show nipples or genitals and keep hiding whatever happens.

Of course, there is no sexual entanglement. (Even if there is a description like that, it is not actually).

Therefore, in Japan, it is a movie that even children can watch if they want to watch it.

Japanese ”pin-up movies” cannot be found on illegal video sites.

Unlike porn movies, Japanese” pin-up movies” cannot be found on "illegal download sites" or "YouTube".

The reason is that porn movies are the main reason for illegal download sites, and it is difficult to find that ”pin-up movies” have been uploaded.

On ”YouTube”, even if a ”pin-up movie” is uploaded, it will be deleted immediately. Also, because of copyright issues,”

YouTube ”cannot post the movie as it is, so you can only see the movie edited or cut short.

How can I watch a Japanese pin-up movie?

It can be done by downloading or streaming from a non-illegal movie site in Japan.

The best way is to get it from "dmm", the largest pin-up movie site in Japan.

↓↓”dmm pin-up movie” In order of popularity↓↓

Number of” DMM ”videos

The number of works provided by DMM Video and the number of about 180,000 works provided by "Video Market" are combined to make it the largest digital rental service in Japan where you can enjoy more than 500,000 works.

↓↓”dmm 【VR】pin-up movie” In order of popularity↓↓

"dmm movie" viewing method

1,Click here for first-time users

2,How to read the product screenhttps://vr-cafe.jp/?p=1678

3,Operating environment / compatible devices

App for iphone/ipad

iPhone / iPad video player app

* When you read the QR code, you will be taken to the App Store.

* Communication in a Wi-Fi environment is recommended.

* This is a dedicated app for iOS 12 and above.

* Customers using devices with iOS 12 or lower are not supported.

<strong>App for Android </strong>

Android video player app

* Download will start when you read the QR code of DMM Video Player +.

* Communication in a Wi-Fi environment is recommended.

* OS of Android 5.0 or less (DMM video player + is less than 5.0) is not supported.

* Only available on devices with Google Developer Services installed

If the downloaded app cannot be installed

Some devices with Android OS 6.0 or above may be affected by the security settings.

If you get "File cannot be opened" or "Analysis error" during installation

Open the download folder from the filer application that can directly check the file information in the terminal

Please open "DMMPlayer.apk" directly and install.

* If the filer app is not installed on the device, Search for the filer app on Google Play and install and use any app.